Thursday, June 21, 2007


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I hadn't actually used the "Blog This" Feature from Flickr, and people have been asking me how to do it, so I thought I'd better! It's easy, folks. Just click on the thumbnail of your picture, then select "Blog This!" which is at the top of your pic. Follow the prompts that will allow Flickr and your blog to talk to one another, and eventually you will reach a point where you are looking at your picture with a place to type text next to it (this is where I am right now). Below the post box is a blue button that will let you post your entry. Do that, and you're done!. Nice.

BTW this is a picture of my niece, Rhea, who is about 13 months old in this photo. She's a real character - I'm always saying on her behalf: "My daddy's a ham, and I'm a little pork chop!" Since this posting, I have done the "Blog This" task again, and placed it in the proper order on my 2.0 blog. So why is this still here? 'Cuz it's on the front page, and the kid is cute!


Friday, June 01, 2007

Thing 12: Rollyo

12. Roll your own search tool with Rollyo.

Okay, maybe I need more time with Rollyo. Because right now, it doesn't seem to be what I had in mind as a search tool. I plugged in some movie/tv/celebrity-related search engines, like the Internet Movie Database, the Movie Review Query Engine, the Dead People Server, and TV-Guide. The results I got were overwhelming...and kind of useless. It is possible to isolate the results from each service. I think I find it a lot easier, still, to bookmark these sites and search them individually. I'll keep trying, though.

The search tool I created is in the sidebar to your right.


Thing 11: Library Thing

11. Take a look at LibraryThing and catalog some of your favorite books.

Okay, I catalogued a few titles. I like this database - what's really neat is that your list of materials is housed ELSEWHERE. If I had a fire in my home, I'd have a list of the titles that need to be replaced. Now if I could catalog my electronics stuff... I especially like being able to view my titles in several different ways. The only problem I have with LibraryThing is that there is no real registration process, and no way of recovering your password if you should forget it. Every time I tried a different password, it created an account for me. Perhaps they dump empty accounts every so often?

On your right you will see the three books I have catalogued so far. I love that the covers are shown.

Thing 10:

Week 5: Play Week

10. Play around with an online image generator.

Take a look at the $100 on the right - I kind of did these out of order a little. I've created my own money - I tried paying an I.O.U. for the soda fund with a $100 nette 2.0 buck, but all I got was a laugh. I've also created a billboard - Your Name in Lights (below)- using one of the little toys I found at The Image Generator Blog.