Friday, August 17, 2007

Thing 19: Award-Winning Sites

Thing 19: I Was a Former Donkey Kong Queen...

We've come a long way. Video games used to be even simpler than this one. I had PONG when I was 15. You had a little blip that went back and forth across the screen, and two light paddles that you used to bounce the blip around. Your game choices were: Tennis. TABLE Tennis, Handball, and one-person Handball. I feel so lame, particularly when I see the sophisticated, first-person-shooter games that let you go around pretending to kill things in rather realistic scenes. Or am I? I doubt that any child ever played the lame "Table Tennis" and then went out and shot up his campus. Just saying...

So I really like Arcaplay, because it's a major blast from the past. And you can find some relatively innocent games to recommend to your customers who don't want their kids to be emotionally traumatized.

I had actually embedded the game into my blog, but it was just too noisy and annoying. Please click the link below if you want to give Donkey Kong a try.

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