Friday, August 17, 2007

Thing 18: Zoho Writer

Week 8: Zoho Writer

(This document was written and published to this blog using the ZohoWriter "Publish" feature).

I started using Zoho writer about a month ago. I have to say that I really like being able to keep my documents all in one place. I use 2 1/2 computers at home (a desktop, a laptop, and a pocket PC), and several at work (on my own desk, the reference desk, AND two different training labs). Housing the documents on any one computer makes them inaccessible on all the others. I started solving this problem by keeping documents on the server at work - but that's inaccessible from home. So I also have a flash drive that I carry around - and ran through the washing machine accidentally (it survived!!!).

Being able to keep my important documents online is a bit safer, since routine backups are constantly being done. Zoho writer's controls are all visible at once, and none of the commands are buried, such as with Microsoft Word.

Having the software online is certainly a bonus for the customer. We have had sporadic compatibility issues concerning the different versions of Word that were in use at the public schools and community college. Add to this that most PC-compatible computers that are sold for home use come with the dreaded "Microsoft Works," which is just awful. Zoho Writer saves every few minutes, which protects the "non-saver" from him/herself. This also helps the library, because the media on which the document is to be saved is no longer an issue.

I had a little trouble when saving - I've written several documents that have reformatted (removed line breaks between paragraphs) for no apparent reason. That's rather irritating. I'm hoping I'll be able to figure out the reason why at some point. The last time that happened, I copied and pasted everything over to Google Docs, though.


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